The Pharmacist That is Stocking up Luxury Aircraft

It can be difficult to get what you want when airborne. Basically, if the aircraft doesn’t have it on board, then you will need to wait until you arrive. Even then you might have to wait for a long time as you wait for luggage and pass through immigration. While exceptions may be made in very rare circumstances, you have little choice but to just wait. This can be particularly unpleasant if you have come down with symptoms of illness. The good news, though, is that one pharmacist is making efforts to stock aircraft with all the remedies they need.

Spotting a Need

One day, on a flight to Europe, pharmacist jane developed symptoms of an upset stomach and needed some help. Unfortunately, though, the plane did not have what she need, so she just had to wait. As a pharmacist with Medicinesbymailbox, she realised that there was an opportunity to be taken advantage of, so she vowed to ensure that as many aircraft as possible were fully stocked with effective remedies.

A Helping Hand

Jane was fortunate in that she had a friend who knew somebody that worked in the airline business. Once introduced, Jane had an opportunity to pitch her idea, and her onboard pharmacy was accepted. While it isn’t practical to have a qualified pharmacist on board most flights, the plane is still stocked with non-prescription medicines that can help to relieve passengers of unpleasant symptoms. It has been trialled on several flights so far and has proven to be a huge success.